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Guanzon-Suzuki 3S Shop reopens in Roosevelt, Quezon City

by MotoMag Philippines

Initially established in 2005, the Guanzon Group of Companies takes pride in the recent reopening of its Sales, Spare Parts and Service (3S) Shop located along 253 Roosevelt Avenue, San Antonio, Quezon City.

The 315-square meter shop was given a face lift on its 14th year to give a better service on its customers. It has a clean and comfortable space with new modules to accommodate the bigger selection of Suzuki motorcycles. Furthermore, the showroom has a wide corner for Spare Parts and Apparel and a dedicated Service Area with 3 service bays making room for a more efficient servicing of motorcycles.

Facade of Guanzon-Suzuki 3S Shop

Additionally, the facility features an improved overall physical look matching the latest concept of the brand’s 3S Shops and was also equipped with a CCTV camera for added security.

The shop showcases the latest line-up of Suzuki’s fashionable and stylish motorcycles from scooters to backbone and business model to the underbones.

The 3S Shop showcases full line-up of Suzuki motorcycles

Being the first Suzuki 3S Shop of the Guanzon Group of Companies, the shop was hailed as Suzuki Philippines’ Most Outstanding 3S Shop in Luzon in 2018.

Moreover, Guanzon and Suzuki’s partnership started in 1975 making Suzuki as one of the former’s earliest and longest motorcycle brand partners in the country.

Currently, the company has a total of 3 Suzuki 3S Shops which all operate through its subsidiary United Excelsior Marketing Inc. (UEMI).

The grand reopening was attended by Suzuki and Guanzon Group executives with Suzuki President Mr. Akira Utsumi, Motorcycle Sales and Marketing General Manager Mr. Jun Bulot and Motorcycle National Sales Manager Mr. Mitsunori Shiraishi, while representatives from Guanzon Group were President Guanson Lo, his wife Mylene Lo, General Manager Arnold Guillen, Marketing and Promotion Supervisor Marc Jason Ong, Area Manager Emilia Quetua and Branch Manager Liezel Guinto.

Apart from this, there are also a bunch of opening treats for its first customers, they offer an enticing down payment options and a free grocery package for select Suzuki bikes.

According to the company, part of their development plan is to establish more Suzuki 3S Shops to serve their clientele better with concentration in various locations all over Luzon.

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