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1.8 Million new motorbikes registered in first 9 months of 2019

by Arnel Doria

By the end of 3rd Quarter 2019, the LTO has registered a total of 1,864,548 new motorcycle units across the country, according to data from StradCom, the official IT service provider of the Land Transportation Office.

The first 9 months of 2019 registered a growth rate of 10.1%, year-on-year basis.


(Table shows the country’s Motorcycle Sales Data from January-September 2019 as compared to last year)




214,296 204,871 215,712 188,386 207, 662 197, 815 235,667 197, 262 202,877


195,717 176,690 177,976 177,421 189,410 185,862 211,898 193,351 185,323


March 2019 registered the highest month-on-month growth of 21.2%.

On average, some 207,172 new motorcycles are registered every month.  At this pace, total motorcycle registrations in 2019 will definitely surpass the 2.2 million in 2018.

The continued growth in motorcycle population can be attributed to the positive economic conditions that has kept the interest rates steady and the employment rate going up.  This has sustained the purchasing power for motorcycles.

The worsening traffic conditions and the uncertainty in public mass transport system is driving more demand for motorcycles as alternative means to beat the traffic.

There is the growing business of ride-sharing and delivery services that is creating additional demand for 2-wheelers.   At least 2 new names are set to join Angkas in the lucrative motorcycle taxi business.   We take note of Angkas, now estimated to be 27,000 strong, which favors the Japanese brands.

The manufacturers and distributors are busy introducing new models to keep the buying interest.

Leading the way is Honda with 486,482 registered units, equivalent to 26.1% share.  Close second is Yamaha with 441,330 units, or 23.6 7% share.

Local brand RUSI increased its share to 13.8% at 258,527 units.  In our recent trips in Negros and Panay islands, we cannot help notice the popularity of this brand.  According to locals, the brand is patronized because of its slogan: “Sabut-sabut lang”.

Completing the top 5 are Kawasaki (195,406 units) and Suzuki (162,030 units)

Bringing up the 6th to 10th place are Mitsukoshi, Skygo, Motorstar, Motoposh and Bajaj.  The full list has a total of 100 brands crowding each other in the local market.

Meanwhile, here are the premium brands that made it past the 100-unit mark:


KTM 1,918
BMW 1,078
Piaggio 1,047
Vespa 857
Ducati 383
Harley Davidson 370
Royal Enfield 226

(Table shows Premium Motorcycle Brands and their Motorcycle Sales in the country from Jan-September 2019.)

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