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FEATURE | New BMW R NineT lineup arrives

by MotoMag Philippines

There’s a new lineup of BMW R NineT motorcycles now available locally. Streamed on the official media pages of BMW Motorrad Philippines, the formal launch showcased the variants of the R NineT and their various liveries.

There’s the Classic. the Pure. The Scramble. And the Urban GS.

The launch was rather a no-frills affair. Invite motorbike enthusiasts and vloggers to ride over and ask them to check out the new lineup of the BMW R NineT. Give them a rundown of the new color schemes and features. and then let them check out the joyride on board the new Beamers.

All the while recording their almost giddy reaction to the new R NineT’s and gleeful impressions of what’s new in the motorbikes and the ride. But that was for streaming. Motomag Philippines zoomed over the virtual meet with BMW Motorrad Director Gil Balderas to find out more about the new bikes and how the market has reacted to them. What Motomag found out was that the old lineup of R NineT’s was quickly gobbled up by buyers.

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