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Yamaha exhibits ART of Kando for IR Bike fest XIV

by MotoMag Philippines

Two years on from the Philippines’ first lockdown due to the pandemic, everything was put on endless uncertainty. Now that the country gradually eases public restrictions and the nation’s immunity is getting stronger than last year, the riding passion of the moto industry awakens to bring back the most-known motor show – the IR Bikefest. This comeback rekindles the enthusiasm of moto fans as they reacted positively to IR’s announcement. As one of the event supporters since 2015, Yamaha Motor Philippines returns to the scene showcasing the ART of Kando.


What’s in Yamaha’s ART of Kando?

Kando is a Japanese term that means simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that a person experiences when he encounters something of exceptional value. As a kando-creating company, Yamaha endeavours to create diverse products that provide an unparalleled experience to riders.

From this core, the concept of Yamaha’s 2022 exhibit revolves around its ART – the craftsmanship in Yamaha and awaiting experience for the customers. The exquisite minimalist display holds all the products from commuter bikes up until the sports machines welcoming the IRBF visitors. The collection of Mio lineup is complete to showcase what AT culture looks like in Yamaha, the supersport class and off-road series embody the brand’s dedication to speed and adrenaline adventure, while big bikes were also displayed to give an impression of what superiority awaits them.

The straightforward booth gives a neat yet stylish design but Yamaha’s offered experience in IRBF does not stop there, outside the World trade center is the YCLUB booth and test ride for the customers. Freebies and rewards are also given away to complete the exclusivity and customers experience.


On ground a nd online.

Yamaha moves forward with a hybrid event accessible by everyone globally.

The absence of physical events for two years made a change not just to the country but also to Yamaha. Even though restrictions are lesser this year, Yamaha adapted the value of being constant online since 2018. The importance of being present is reflected on Yamaha’s program launch as it is also broadcasted LIVE on Facebook providing access for everyone to watch no matter how far they are.

The first quarter of 2022 is near its end yet Yamaha’s ART of Kando is a never-ending brand culture blending the tradition with innovation applied to its products and services.

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