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MIO GEAR MOTO CAMPGROUND: Your toughness unlocks new playground!

by MotoMag Philippines

In a fast-moving metro, motorcycle has always been there to give city riders an advantage to traverse work or school deadlines smoothly. But having it is more than just a necessity to get you from point A to point B. Nowadays, riders treat their own bike as if it’s a companion – a friend who will never miss the fun times and worst traffic on the road.

From the hustle and bustle on weekdays, a weekend can be a pause. To seek for a moment where you can appreciate what’s outside the rugged city. But to do this, you must be geared up to play tough out there.

Riding into the woods of Rodriguez Ranch – the New Zealand of Zambales.
Exploring a new ground to play!

Motocamping is one of the popular activities to enjoy your time away on your motorcycle. There were two things you must know beforehand; First, ensure that your motorcycle fits the requirement – must have functional features and built to endure wilderness. Second, you should be ready to play – tough enough to easily maneuver what’s ahead.

For the city players to get out there, Yamaha Motor Philippines invited them along with media partners and moto vloggers to an exclusive Moto Campground in Rodriguez Ranch, San Marcelino, Zambales or most commonly known as the New Zealand of the Philippines. Riding their own Yamaha Mio Gear, the Moto Campground exposed them to an unknown adventure that requires a good balance of toughness and fun.

Throughout the route, the riders efficiently passed the 30-45 minutes off-road trail, the tricky bridge riding, and the long-distance from Metro Manila to Zambales proving that Mio Gear is a travel-ready motorcycle that can traverse in any surface – totally designed for tough environment and exciting adventure away from the city.

To fully immerse themselves in the camping scene, the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Incorporated headed by Sir Jong Narciso taught the participants about the basic camping skills and guidelines. Yamaha also prepared different camping activities at the Rodriguez Ranch Campsite such as archery, dart, and boat rafting in Mapanuepe Lake.


The freedom reconnects you to a wider playground

Camping is an exciting avenue to be one with your motorcycle as it will test not just your skills but also the unit’s capability. Yamaha’s Moto Campground is one of the first activities that tested how ready you are to play tough. Having a spirit of playfulness makes you feel alive and with Yamaha Mio Gear, you can unlock more exciting playground ahead.

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