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GrabFood to impose penalties vs. order cancellations

by MotoMag Philippines

Recently, sentiments on social media have been circulating online, expressing netizens’ dismay over the irresponsible clients of GrabFood, Grab’s app-based food delivery platform as they cancelled their orders even when food were already placed. This led on troubles for the delivery-partners of GrabFood.

The delivery-app allows a user to order food from its partner merchants. The rider usually pays for the order first and eventually reimbursed by the GrabFood app client upon delivery. With that, a petition has gone viral asking Grab to remove its ‘Cancel’ option on the said app.

Photo from Jay Mark Bercasio

Following those incidents, Grab Philippines issued a statement reminding their clients that it will suspend the accounts of its customers who cancel their orders through its food delivery service, GrabFood.

This as Grab is set to tighten its policies to prevent incidents of unclaimed orders due to customer no-shows or those customers who do not show up when the rider delivered their orders.

According to the company, “Grab enjoins everyone to use its services responsibly – be mindful of orders placed and the effort that our delivery-partners put in to deliver your orders.”

“Grab continues to tighten its policies to curb this abusive behavior, and customers who exhibit abuse of our no-show policies will soon face account penalties, including possible account suspension,” it added.

They reiterated that GrabFood does not allow order cancellations once orders are placed by the delivery-partner at merchant restaurants. It likewise said that customer no-shows constitute only 0.01 percent of its transactions.

The firm is implementing its reimbursement policy which allows delivery-partners to be fully reimbursed for all unclaimed orders. This policy is made known to all delivery-partners upon activation on the platform.

“As Grab continues to provide everyday services to many Filipinos, it also strives to maintain a platform that works for both for its customers and also its delivery-partners. For every customer no-show, the livelihood of a delivery-partner is affected – causing them to lose valuable time and daily capital,” the company said.

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