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Phoenix declares Dec 24 and 31 as special non-working holidays for employees

by MotoMag Philippines

Despite the government declaring December 24 and 31, 2021 as ‘special working days’, Phoenix has announced to its employees that the said dates will be ‘special non-working holidays’ within the company.

“Phoenix recognizes the hard work of our employees this year. Despite the change in our working situation, they delivered a commendable performance that catapulted our company to be the third-largest petroleum brand in the country. Hence, as a treat for their dedication, the management has decided to declare these two dates as special non-working holidays with no payroll deductions,” Phoenix Petroleum Vice President for Human Resources Celeste Ong said. “With this, we hope that our employees will get to spend the holiday season with their families comfortably and safely.”

Since the pandemic started, Phoenix has launched initiatives that prioritize and benefit its employees. In 2020, the company released bonuses early in the lockdown period to help its employees financially. In the same year, health and safety assistance was offered to Phoenix’s over 1,000 employees nationwide. This year, the company focused on getting all of its employees inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines. Today, 99% of Phoenix employees are already vaccinated against the virus.

These efforts resulted in a 4.24 rating for employees satisfaction, 4.33 rating for employee engagement, and 4.37 rating for motivation and loyalty from the recent 5-point scale ‘How R U?’ (HRU) Phoenix People Engagement survey that received 100% response from Phoenix employees.

Previously, the government has announced December 24 ad 31 as special working holidays to help the country recover from the adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The declaration was meant to minimize work disruption.

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