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The Moto Industry’s Performance from Start of 2018

by MotoMag Philippines

The Motorcycle Registration Report that was submitted by STRADCOM, the LTO’s longtime official IT Provider, which cover most of 2018, actually from January to October was a real revelation as to the very healthy state of the motorcycle industry in the country.

A whooping total of 1,886,515 units were registered (therefore sold to users) with still 2 months of reporting to go. And don’t ask me about the number of models these figures represent for they are almost uncountable.

Honda maintains its market supremacy with a market share of 25.8% followed closely by Yamaha biting 22.58% of the pie while RUSI’s 14.83% is good enough for a 3rd rank.

Now here’s the complete LTO Motorcycle Registration Report

The Top 10 industry players have 98% of this rapidly growing market.

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