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Ropali Classics celebrates its 5th anniversary

by MotoMag Philippines

With his interest in classic and vintage bikes, Aldous Rex Alingog, General Manager of Ropali Group has decided to build ‘Ropali Classics’ few years ago. Marking its 5th anniversary this year, as an exclusive distributor of vintage motorcycles such as Ural, Lambretta and Norton brand, Ropali Classics celebrated its major milestone with a fun-filled night of camaraderie with riders and guests.


Ropali Classics has managed to evolve and adapt through the years of being in the motorcycle industry. Mr. Aldous shares in an interview, “We never really change our concept of delivering the classic brands to the public. We don’t need to be big; we just need to be the number one in the niche market. We never change.”

The store does not only offer classic motorbikes but also basic motorcycle lines which are mostly used for transportation. Additionally, Ropali Classics also sells motorcycle clothing and gears.

According to the company, they are planning to expand their product line by introducing more heritage brands and big bikes on the next few years.


Meanwhile, Ropali Group, as a whole responds to the demands of its customers and the industry by investing on the latest technological advances. Apart from setting up branches, Ropali continuously grows in size, all in an effort to become superior in the motorcycle industry in terms of offering the best products and services for the common people.

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